A design project history…Would you enjoy a beer?

A design project history…
would you enjoy a beer?


Beer culture becomes a paper and a grucciadesign. project storytelling.

In Gmund in Upper Bavaria, the culture of brewing becomes a valuable paper. The family-owned company Gmund has been producing paper for more than 180 years and stands out for the innovative (and ecological) spirit of its products. Bier Paper is produced using hops, malt and old beer labels, which give the paper its typical appearance. The names selected for the paper are those we could discover on an old brewery menu: from Weizen to Ale, a paper for every taste. The Gmund “research and development” team is constantly looking for new components to mix with cellulose. In fact the Bavarian company is one of our suppliers for iconic packaging design projects. At Grucciadesign. we have already had the pleasure of using “Bier Paper ” for one of our customer’s catalogs; and now we have adopted it to present a story: a design project that introduces our corporate identity.

Would you enjoy a beer? Storytelling and tactile experience

La birra è internazionale, socievole e sociale. Si progetta con la “D” di design (dalla bottiglia allBeer is international, friendly and cooperative. It comes up with the capital “D” of design (from bottle to label): this is why we selected it as our brand ambassador. Would you enjoy a beer? It’s a project within a project, it talks about us and our way of communicating. It communicates the care we take with each realization. It is a distinct and direct way of showing the client how we work. We have once again chosen Gmund and “Bier Paper” for the packaging and the catalogue of the project; like the Bavarian company we believe in innovation, in the continuous research of innovative products and new ideas for our customers. And with Gmund we equally share the courage to make new and sometimes unconventional choices in terms of communication: Would you enjoy a beer? allows the customer to have a tactile and visual experience of the design project, to touch our way of designing.

Beer seasoning harmonizes the ingredients of the project: from storytelling to the 5 senses experience.

In September we plan to officially present “Would you like a beer? after the “growing” of the project which, like beer, helps to harmonize creative ideas, technical solutions and communication choices. The ultimate result will represent a design to be enjoyed with the 5 senses: a packaging to be preserved; a “storytelling” to be read comfortably on the sofa; a delicious taste to be sipped; a diary of what we are and what we are going to become.

If you would like to share a beer with us, please contact us.

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