Digitalisation and creative business tools: the digital catalogue.

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Digitalization and creative business tools: the digital catalogue.


What is the digital catalogue?

Il catalogo digitale è lo strumento interattivo che permette di presentare l’aThe digital catalogue represents the interactive tool that allows you to present your company and products to partners and customers. Constantly updated and browsable everywhere, it boosts the sales force in every market context. Speaking of digitalization, more and more companies look for innovative tools that allow them to overcome physical boundaries, ensuring continuity of sales even in complex situations. Find out what obtain the main advantages that the digital catalogue offers.

Why does the catalogue allow you to save money?

The digital catalogue can be modified to include new products or new details and used through all devices: a constantly updated product display window and the possibility to send orders even off-line. This is why the interactive catalogue remains definitely a strategic choice: it allows you to save money and invest in other activities such as advertising.

Interactivity: what you can affect with the digital catalogue.

One of the key features is interactivity; in fact all product information is stored in a single tool: details, drawings and technical data, certifications visible and downloadable from any device. With the configurator, customers can generate, select and save the product variations and deliver the order with a click. Easy, fast and secure: data is always stored in the cloud.

Increases customer engagement.

With the addition of videos or infographics you can multiply your customers’ experience; you can add multimedia content to present the product and promote the brand image. In addition to emotional videos you can upload technical videos to explain the assembling of some products or videos related to some phases of production. Unlike paper, digital allows you to modify the contents and add new ones: in a constantly changing market it is essential to utilize a tool that allows you to vary the offer continuously.

Eco compatibility: the digital catalogue respects the environment.

Less paper, virtual transport, orders and personal data digitization make the digital catalogue a sustainable choice for the environment: to present products digitally is definitely a choice appreciated by customers; in fact, many companies today positively evaluate partners and suppliers sensitive to the environment.

Place an order even when you are off-line.

Through the commercial application the customers can access the catalogue anywhere, even without an internet line. Don’t miss new business opportunities and make your collection smart: differentiate yourself from the competition thanks to an intuitive and innovative tool. Thanks to the application, data is always collected on servers and kept safe thanks to protection systems.

Strengthen your sales force and direct contact with customers.

AIncrease sales without increasing investments: thanks to the digital catalogue, you can present your company and your products all over the world. The digital catalogue can be translated into all languages.

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