The p.a.p.s.a. of grucciadesign.

Foto di mani poggiate sopra un tavolo con materiali per la produzione di un divano

The p.a.p.s.a. of grucciadesign.


Do you know the p.a.p.s.a. of grucciadesign.?

The p.a.p.s.a. of grucciadesign is our approach to the project; it is made up of eight steps that draw the path of the workflow. As you know we are first and foremost passionate about design: we have chosen this name because creativity together with technique are values in which we believe. The P.a.p.s.a. method is the work of one of the world’s leading experts in applied creativity, Hubert Jaoui.

Each project starts from a “round table”

We like to say that the p.a.p.s.a. of grucciadesign. starts with a “round table”: getting to know the client, telling us and listening to his story is the spark that turns on every new project. Telling each other is a simple but effective way to break down “formal” barriers and quickly enter into perfect harmony.
Afterwards we give a first order to the collected material: this creates the basis for the following phases and helps us to frame the project.

From the creative storm to the applied order

We finally enter the imaginative phase, full of strong “vibrations”: brains smoking in a creative storm: it is the phase of sharing ideas, where there are no rules or boundaries. Pure creativity. After the “brainstorming”, order and discipline are restored among the ideas produced; then we enter the “design” stage: we give order to the ideas, we apply the technique, we look for the most balanced solution between optimization and creativity.

The importance of comparison before execution

Comparison and dialogue are key steps: among us first of all: each project is the combination of different “soft and hard skills” that work together with expertise and competence. But we also dialogue with the client: in fact we have a first draft of the project to comment on that together. Then we move on to “execution”: from the execution of a digital project to the engineering of a product.

Review e release

These are the final stages of the workflow: before the launch of a project, details are refined and nuances are adjusted. At this point the project has already reached its final form. We still apply small touches that are always shared with the client until the project completely fulfills us. The final step is the official launch, when sitting at the meeting room we drink a beer and comment on the result of our work.

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