Novamobili catalogo Night collection

Night collection by Novamobili, the design of the night area


The sleeping area should always suggest an atmosphere of well-being and relax. All the elements play a part in this, creating the right atmosphere and giving the room personality. The bed is the protagonist of this room; it must be stylish but also comfortable. Together with the rest of the furniture, it must define the style of the room to make the moment pleasant.

The Night Collection catalogue 

Grucciadesign designed the Night Collection catalogue by Novamobili, dedicated to night-time space. Contrary to other projects, the customer gave us the graphic style of the catalogue: Night Collection follows the layout of the Living Collection and Details Collection project. The focus was mainly on the graphic layout and product structure. Following an initial discussion with the customer on the graphic and image aspects, we turned our attention to the execution phase, which consists of the drafting of the texts and development of the pages.

The product portrayed through storytelling

Night Collection presents products through the storytelling of living spaces set in specific locations: the city becomes a powerful symbol of an emblematic style, reinterpreted through Novamobili collections. This storytelling of iconic living spaces once again is extremely effective. A great narrative must be able to evoke emotion and make the consumer participate in the story the brand is telling, capturing its underlying values.

A design method

In the bedroom furniture sector, where the functional aspects of the product must be well explained to customers, the catalogue will never become an outmoded instrument.. To make it functional, however, requires in-depth knowledge of the sector in question. Grucciadesign, after careful consultation with the customer, deals with the design and graphic realization of the technical aspects, the development of drawings and the definition of the style and framing of renders that will then be included in the catalogue. The studio’s graphic know-how has resulted in several collaborations with brands in the furnishing sector for the design of product catalogues: a masterful mix of high quality contents and a great passion for image and storytelling.

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