The anatomy of a logo


The logo must enclose everything the company stands for and visually distinguish it. There are specific rules to be followed when developing it. Colours, readability and the font must combine with each other to create an effective logo.

The key steps of development

The brief is an essential starting point. The birth of a logo starts here. A series of questions must be asked. What does the brand in question do and how does it do it? Above all, what is its objective? How does it position itself on the market and who does it want to reach? What is the message it wants to communicate and in what tone of voice does it want to do so? Once we have a clear and precise answer to each question, we can move on to the graphics part.

A stylish choice

Determining what will be the predominant colour associated with the brand is a crucial choice. Each hue succeeds in evoking a specific emotion. Each colour communicates a very specific message. Colours in marketing play an extremely important role: they contribute to the definition of brand identity; therefore, the corporate image you want to communicate must first be clear. The psychology behind these colour choices underlies every message and the triggers that reach consumers.

The typeface

When choosing the font, it is necessary to have in mind the main points that were analyzed during the brief. The demographics of the target audience you want to address are crucial. The font used must be functional on an aesthetic level but also communicate the personality of the brand. Before choosing the font, it is a good idea to conduct contrast tests, that is, an evaluation of the synergy of all the elements with each other. Another rule to always adhere to is that of readability.

The birth of a logo

The company’s mission and vision must be embodied within the logo. Each brand has its own story to tell, often made up of complex details and elements. Therefore, it is well understood, that not everything can be represented. Therefore, it will be crucial to capture the essential and defining features of the brand in order to best represent them.

Test effectiveness

An effective and recognizable logo must have certain characteristics. First, it must be synthetic and immediate; there should be no nuances or details too difficult to perceive. Another essential detail is replicability; the logo must work under all circumstances. In addition, every detail must be perfectly legible, even the smallest. Last but certainly not least, it must be in line with the personality and tone of voice that the company has decided to use.

The essence of brand identity

The logo is a key element in determining the brand identity, so it is essential that its conception and, later, graphic development are taken care of in the smallest detail. It must contain within it the story the brand wants to tell its consumers. It must embody the values in which the brand believes and be able to communicate them consistently, clearly and concisely.

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