grucciadesign. means passion for design

Our philosophy

We design with inspiration, creative energy and technique: we enhance these values to each person of our team so that they attend to them. We believe in the formal essence, in the originality of the style and in the freshness of the message.

It is a delight for us when ideas arise from meeting people: we love to listen to the story of a brand and translate it into a concrete project.
We collaborate with our clients to make their history, places, team and values becoming creative projects: this is the way to make their corporate image stronger.

The “design-thinking” represents our approach: we translate cultural trends into product and meaning innovation.

schizzo in bianco e nero relativo al progetto di una casa unifamiliare
plastico di studio del progetto di una sedia con i relativi schizzi a mano libera

About grucciadesign.
Who we are?

The right name – the story said that in the great world of branding – has made many enlightened ideas become worldwide: from the apple of computers to the lord of burgers.

Grucciadesign. is the essence of what we are today and what we are going to be tomorrow: artisans of design. The “hanger” is the simple and essential way to represent the principle of form and function in design: however, it brings back the memories of ancient design studios where to get excellent tailor-made suits.

That is what we are: the meeting between tailor-made and design, between innovation and long-lasting values.

That is what we are: the meeting between tailor-made and design, between innovation and long-lasting values.

oto del giardino dell’ippodromo con i due fondatori che si lanciano la sedia button

Where we design

Our studio is first of all a “creative space“: we conceived it as our “home“, a place where we can cocoon ourselves and close the useless outside. We spent a lot of time in the studio and wanted the whole team to find the peace they need to design.

The meeting room represents the common space where we meet to share projects, meet clients or simply take the last look at a project before the official launch. The studio is then divided into two separate areas dedicated to the various sectors of the company: design and communication.

foto della sala operativa dello studio, scrivania con tre computer e una libreria in secondo piano
foto con divano e libreria all’interno della sala riunioni dello studio
foto delle cinque persone dello studio in piedi in mezzo ad un campo arato
i due fondatori dello studio seduti sopra ad una balla di fieno

The crew

Grucciadesign. remains at present a reality that supports many collaborations with leading companies of the furniture and interior design industry: thanks to our multidisciplinary framework, we can manage projects of Design, Exhibit and Communication.

Our crew is made up of professionals from various fields: graphics, architecture, design, communication and marketing. This is because we curate each project personally at every stage. We believe the best design comes from teamwork.

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