The furniture catalogue, a success story.

The furniture catalogue, a success story.


Don’t just call it a catalogue

The furnishing catalogue is a key working tool. Its design requires knowledge and
experience in both the graphic and technical fields. Over the years our studio has acquired specific know-how appreciated by customers like Caccaro, Imperial Line and Forma 2000. How to create a success story? In the era of collecting, the catalogue is not just a simple sales tool but has become a piece of design to be preserved. 1872, the date of birth of the catalogue, a life of success and great changes: from a simple list of products to a style icon. The catalogue in furnishing represents the synthesis of technique and graphics, project and design. Paper or digital, it is time and again the silent representative of the company during commercial deals. Coordinated image, proper tone of voice and graphic choices in fact support the customer to immerse himself in the brand.

Excellent balance between technique and graphics

Technical standards and graphic features meet and crash into each other until a perfect balance: this is a catalogue design. A combination of technicality and emotion, rationality and feeling. In designing a catalogue we always start from the customer, his story and his identity. We carefully evaluate the graphic choices, the layout, the weights and balances. Because even if today’s catalogue is not the list of products that was once, it must however provide commercial information.

The importance of technique

The furniture catalogue requires the development of technical drawings that clearly express the functional details of the product. Frequently after discussion with the customer, grucciadesign works on the design and graphic realization of the drawings and renderings to insert in the catalogue. Our know-how allows us to provide the customer with a complete service.

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