Natuzzi foto copertina flyer commerciale

Natuzzi and commercial flyer for overseas market


The Natuzzi company, a leader in the sofa manufacturing industry, contacted Grucciadesign to take part in a corporate contest. The occasion was the publication of a commercial flyer for the American market. It needed to be for sales purposes, but it also had to communicate brand identity.

What is a flyer? 

Commercial flyers are useful marketing tools to promote brands and products. While it may be an outdated strategy for some, it is actually very functional for certain contexts. This media is easy to distribute and can therefore reach an extremely large number of people in a very short time. It differs from the classic flyer in its format and the purpose for which it is used.

The corporate project

We designed a teaser based on an analysis of the corporate image. The client specifically requested a different style, which had to be in line with the brand image. Even in the realisation of this simpler tool, the Grucciadesign team used the same method as for more complex planning. A coordinated system of tools was developed in order to present a structured programme inside that the various elements could give strength to each other.

The narrative of Made in Italy

We have maintained Natuzzi’s elegant and Mediterranean-rich image, through the right balance of colours, spaces and images. The project was to use a textured, pulp-coloured paper for the main instruments, while for the secondary instruments, such as the flyer, we opted for a white textured paper, on which we printed a matching background. The colour chosen recalls the warmth of the South, which is very close to the company’s heart: a soft and elegant shade that narrates the craftsmanship of Made in Italy.

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